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Dan, for example, said he was working to afford his daughter education which proves all of the above since there should surely be no need for an education if there no jobs for said education. This leads me to believe that Kandoka is actually a pretty poor place with all things considered at least for the majority if there still some form of an economy with very few people able to work for it as the jobs don exist. Kerblam itself also tells us that people still have to buy things in this world..

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If the rule is “No swearing in the house” and you curse like a sailor, you’re giving your teen a free pass to do the same. Kids need to learn that whatever choices they make good or bad have consequences. Sit down and talk about some of the dangerous and long term consequences that risky behaviors can have, including drug abuse, pregnancy, smoking, and drunk driving..

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Every government claims to be concerned about the poor quality and dismal reach high quality designer replica of our educational institutions but little effective change is made. It seems to me that no government to date has been seriously committed to a systematic agenda of establishing and improving education. Are we caught between what we have inherited which requires reassessment and the current populist ideological drives that are pushing us away from quality education? Quoting the increase in the number of schools, colleges and universities, doesn’t tell us much about the criteria that go into the making of education.

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